Thursday, May 02, 2013

5 years of education converging on this point in time...

 I picked up my regalia this morning.  Is it bad luck to see the official garb before the official graduation ceremony?
I really don't care.  This is the culmination of a 5 year education goal:  1 year of Gen Ed for all of those science, math and stats credit I needed to take, 2 years of undergrad in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and 2 years of Speech-Language Pathology.  I had to try the whole kit and caboodle on as soon as I got home.

Although, I have no idea how I am supposed to really wear the hood.   Check out the sleeves - those are different, too! 

Okay so I am not great at the whole selfie picture thing.  I certainly don't have the practice for it.  But check it out.  I graduate with my Masters this month!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Funny Things She Says April Edition

The Love Magnet: Mom, thanks for dinner. It was (finger snaps over her head) pitch perfect!

Me: Pitch perfect?

TLM: Yeah! That is my new trademark!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

2013 April General Conference

One of the best weekends of the year - GENERAL CONFERENCE!  You can watch all of the talks online by clicking here.   I promise that it is worth it.
 Wonderful talk by Elder L. Whitney Clayton about marriage.  Best quote ever:   "Marriage is God's gift to us, a quality marriage is our gift to Him."  Another favorite:  "Terrific marriages are completely respectful, transparent and loyal." 

Other fave speakers - Elder Bednar and Elder Uchdorf. 

 I'm still hoping that Elder Holland will speak as he is my favorite.  One of the best General Conference  talks ever was by Elder Holland.  You can watch that talk by clicking here.  My favorite wisdom from Elder Holland during that talk was "Trumpeted from the summit of Calvary is the truth that we will never be left alone nor unaided, even if sometimes we may feel that we are."

 After Elder Clayton's talk, I turned to Mr. Wonderful and commented that I thought we were doing great in that department.  He agreed.
 We stay in pajamas to watch conference, pass copious amounts of salt water taffy, and try to make it a fun, peaceful, family tradition.
And doggie girl makes her circuit to get attention from every family member.

We sure miss Firstborn.  It is our first General Conference without him.  But we are grateful that he is serving his mission and wouldn't change a thing.  It is our understanding that he is able to watch conference online from his area, by streaming the conference online. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

They really need to quit growing

 Thirdborn is officially taller than his grandmother.
 Secondborn is waaaaay taller than his grandmother and great-grandmother.
Maybe I should quit feeding him?  Darn kid is just 16.  He is now officially as tall as his dad and four inches taller than Firstborn.  Firstborn will be shell-shocked when he comes home from his mission.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

January Funnies from The Love Magnet

This morning, as I chauffeured Thirdborn to middle school, I slid through a right turn and hit a curb. the Love Magnet piped up from the back seat "Oh, good grief, Mom, next time I'll drive!" We got home, and she had breakfast. when I said it was time to go to school, she not-so-patiently held out her hand and wiggled her fingers for the keys.


Saying goodbye to the Love Magnet as she goes to the sitter's house to wait for the school bus has been interesting. I have had the "I love you, Mom" farewell, the hairflip and "call me" hand sign, the "Rock On!" fingers and the princess wave. Today was something new. The overly dramatic patriotic salute with a blown kiss at the end. Where did she learn that?


"Mom look at this. This is so funky."  "Dude, you are so funky."  "Don't be so funky."  I think it is safe to say that The Love Magnet's favorite new word has not entered her lexicon with full definition but she gets points for attempting to find a proper context for it.

Friday, January 04, 2013

14 Days of Valentines

It is that time of year.  I try to plan early for the 14 Days of Valentines simply because effort takes a lot of planning.  And it shows.  Trust me, your favorite person is going to love this.

I've been pinning madly ideas I've found.  Some I will show and some are private.  Let's getting planning!  (Sweetheart, if you are reading, please read something else.)

send a hug!  Or.... I love you THIS MUCH!
Day 1:  I am going to have one of the kids help me trace myself giving a great big hug.  After decorating it with a lifesize photo of my head and sketching the rest (fingernail polish, wedding ring, clothing, etc) I will tap this up on the inside of his windshield to find early in the morning.  Along the top of the paper will be printed "On the 1st day of Valentines - I love you THIS MUCH!"

Red Velvet Crepe!

Day 2:  Red Velvet Crepes for bfast (along with manly bacon).  The kids will love participating in this.  How cute are they?  I traditionally make Swedish pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast, but they certainly have never looked like this!

white chocolate lemon truffles. yumm! Day 3:  a batch of lemon white chocolate truffles.  They are his fave flavor from our local chocolatier.  I found a recipe on Pinterest.  Click link above.  Along with a cute take out box full of these will be a note that says "On the 2nd day of Valentines, white chocolate to sweeten you and lemon to make you pucker.  I'll be waiting for a sweet kiss when you get home from your church meetings."  Lipstick seal on the envelope.

Stick this on his bathroom mirror with a note telling him what a fab dad he is.
Day 4:  a photo heart of our beautiful family on his bathroom mirror with  a note thanking him for our 4 beautiful children.  I usually do something about the kids on this day.

Ropes Course TeambuildingDay 5:  I bought a gift cert for a local rope obstacle course for date night.  Everyone who knows me knows well my fear of heights and my non-athleticism.  But I figure that I can sacrifice  because I know he will LOVE this!  Include a note about needing 5 fingers to hang on for dear life (me) and to swing like a monkey (him).

rice crispy treat kisses
         Day 6:  Giant rice krispie treat kisses in a basket for him with a note about 6 kisses.  He will share these with the kids.

Day 7:  Two movie tix and he gets to choose the movie.  He rarely chooses the movie.  Include a box of his fave movie candy.

Day 8:  Invitation for a date night to a bistro we've heard rave reviews about and wanted to try. Strict rule that we can't talk about kids or school or work.

Day 9:  Bucket of gummy worms and little printable on front.  I thought this was cute.I'm Hooked On You - quick and easy gift he'll LOVE
Day 10:  This day is always 10 Things I Love About You.  I print it up in calligraphy font and put it on his nightstand.  A few years ago I found where he had stashed EVERY SINGLE "10 things" I had written over the years.  It made me teary that it meant that much to him.  Each year it is original.  This year I think I will find a standing frame or frame with easel to keep on his nightstand.

Valentines Root Beer Float Kit and Printable
Day 11:  Since it is family night, a two-liter bottle of his favorite A&W rootbeer with a note saying he floats my boat.  Double bonus, it will be treats for family night.

Day 12:  Mr. Wonderful will love this. Fake rose petals and Hersheys chocolate hugs  and kisses lead the way to the bathroom for a long hot bath with a new good book and no one to bother him or ask him for anything for a good hour or two.  Find entire idea and printable here.

Day 13:  Invitation to dinner the next night with menu.  Most likely steak with all the trimmings.  May be macaroni and cheese with lobster and bacon that I will copy from one of our fave restaurants.  When it gets closer I will post the menu. I will give him an assignment to pick up dessert at either our fave French place, Cheesecake Factory, or just let him surprise me.  I've found that having him do this makes the meal prep easier and sharing a small dessert means we don't have a ton left over.

Day 14:  Sorry, this gift is private. But utterly cool.  It should take me most of the week to put together.

That is it.  I'm giving myself this coming week to prep most of it.  I've found if I don't, I can never put things together last minute.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Behold - the next batch of missionaries to Romania

Firstborn has been in the MTC for three weeks.  He is loving the people and is working hard to learn Romanian.  His letters home have been fun to read.  Best of all, we now have pictures!  This was taken in front of the Provo, Utah LDS Temple.  It has been awesome to see (and read) how he has changed in the past three weeks.  Poor Love Magnet, she asks every single day if he is coming home.  I always reply "Remember what I said?  How old will you be when he comes home?"  "I know, Mom, I'll be 12."  She also knows it will be right before Thanksgiving.  So last Thanksgiving, she declared that we were going to celebrate her 12th birthday and that Firstborn needed to come home.  It has been hard on her.  But we know Firstborn is where he needs to be.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Funny Things She Says

Love Magnet (as she hugs her mom):  Mmmmm, you smell good!

Me: I do?  I'm not wearing perfume.

Love Magnet:  Not perfume.  You smell like DINNER!