Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Wisdom of a Kindergartener

DS#3 came home full of enthusiam for the kindergarten Thanksgiving celebration. "Mom, did you know that they ate popcorn but they didn't have jello?" He showed me the Indian costume he made, complete with headdress, paper grocery bag vest and shaker instrument. "And, Mom, they danced like this". (What followed was a cross between disco and howling-at-the-moon.)

"We ate turkey and pineapple, but they didn't have pineapple, Mom, because that grows in Hawaii. We also had rolls and cake!" (Travolta-cross-point-and-awoooo!)

I finally got him settled down enough to hear my question. "Do you know who was at the first Thanksgiving?" "Sure, Mom" he replied. "Everybody knows that." (roll-the -hands-and-do-the-hustle)

"Sweetheart, why don't you remind me who was at the first Thanksgiving." (Big sigh from DS#3 as he stops his spinning to talk patiently and slowly:)

"The Indians and the Mormons!"

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today one of my younger sons asked "Mom, when are we going to be rich?" There followed a conversation about most likely never being rich but having sufficient for our needs. As the day has gone on, I have been thinking about just how rich we are. Mind you, this is not the world's definition of rich. I've had a list growing in my head all afternoon:

1. We have been praying throughout October that our old house might sell before Novemember and "at a fair price". Our realtor called us on Halloween night with the news that an offer had been made and that he thought it was a fair price. We laughed at the wording and knew our prayers had been answered. The house closing will be the day after Thanksgiving. Not having two mortgage payements makes me feel rich, indeed. Having my testimony strengthened yet again about the power of prayer: Priceless.

2. My Dear Husband works hard so I can stay home with the kids. He has never once said anything disrespectful to me, nor said anything derrogatory about me to someone else. He compliments every meal (which the kids now do, following his example). DH is constantly making me feel loved and beautiful. He brings me flowers for no reason. He takes me on a date every week. He honors his priesthood and he is a good father. Having married Mr. Wonderful makes me feel rich, indeed. Being married to someone I love with all of my heart: Priceless.

3. This morning it was too quiet at my house (which you all know means that one or more kids are getting into trouble). After hunting around I found my 3 younger children. They were cuddled together in a quilt on one of the boy's beds while Dear Son #2 read to Dear Son #3 and Dear Daughter. Having peace in the house is rare and makes me feel rich, indeed. Seeing that my kids really do love each other: Priceless.

4. Today is Veteran's Day. I've always been interested in reading about the personal stories of Veterans in our country. I am constantly amazed at the sacrifices that are so willingly given. Right now in Iraq are stories about soldiers building schools in their free time, civilians thanking the soldiers for coming to help them get their country back, political leaders in that country risking their lives because they believe strongly in building a democracy. Most of these stories are not reported by mainstream media. It makes me think of what our Founding Fathers went through to build our government. Was it appreciated then? How many of them risked their lives? Living in America makes me feel rich, indeed. Being free to worship how I want, say what I want, and live where I want: Priceless.

What makes you feel rich?