Friday, July 29, 2011

Friend Birthday Party

Four girls came to The Love Magnet's birthday party. TLM was beside herself with joy.
Four girls included her in all of their games. She was treated just like everyone else.
After swimming came lunch completely planned by The Love Magnet: hot dogs, pasta salad, watermelon, and lemonade. Then.......PRESENTS!
Miss M, who was Lauren's aide a year ago and now still works with one of The Love Magnet's best friends, also came to the party. We were thrilled to have her!
The grand finale of the party was also planned completely by TLM: she insisted on 'Pinkalicious' cupcakes. Not knowing what 'Pinkalicious' cupcakes are, I just made vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting. Completely satisfactory, especially when topped with sparkler candles. It literally took all the girls to blow them out.
The best part of the party was the next day at the neighborhood pool. Some of the girls from the party were all there and greeted TLM as soon as they saw her. Again they included her in all of their games. Inclusion at its best.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

1st Family Reunion

It started out as a plan for 100+ people. Then 50 people. Then 15. Plans had to be changed.

In the end it didn't matter how things had to be changed. The 1st Family Reunion did what it was designed to do. It made tons of memories.

Cousin sleepovers, contraband (at least in my house) cereal for breakfast.

Treats at the Boise downtown farmers market.

Having fun around the fountain with the cousins.

Lots of time at the neighborhood swimming pool.

Eating chocolate cake and laughing.

Watching movies late into the night. We also went to the theaters to see Cars 2.

Getting to know (again) awesome cousins I haven't seen in 20 years.

And cousins we haven't seen in a few months.

Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE my brother and his family?

Final pictures with all of the cousins. Silly.

And trying to be cool about it all.

Tons of fun. And it will happen again next year, same time. Third weekend in June.

This is just going to get bigger and better.