Saturday, February 02, 2013

January Funnies from The Love Magnet

This morning, as I chauffeured Thirdborn to middle school, I slid through a right turn and hit a curb. the Love Magnet piped up from the back seat "Oh, good grief, Mom, next time I'll drive!" We got home, and she had breakfast. when I said it was time to go to school, she not-so-patiently held out her hand and wiggled her fingers for the keys.


Saying goodbye to the Love Magnet as she goes to the sitter's house to wait for the school bus has been interesting. I have had the "I love you, Mom" farewell, the hairflip and "call me" hand sign, the "Rock On!" fingers and the princess wave. Today was something new. The overly dramatic patriotic salute with a blown kiss at the end. Where did she learn that?


"Mom look at this. This is so funky."  "Dude, you are so funky."  "Don't be so funky."  I think it is safe to say that The Love Magnet's favorite new word has not entered her lexicon with full definition but she gets points for attempting to find a proper context for it.