Friday, December 07, 2012

Behold - the next batch of missionaries to Romania

Firstborn has been in the MTC for three weeks.  He is loving the people and is working hard to learn Romanian.  His letters home have been fun to read.  Best of all, we now have pictures!  This was taken in front of the Provo, Utah LDS Temple.  It has been awesome to see (and read) how he has changed in the past three weeks.  Poor Love Magnet, she asks every single day if he is coming home.  I always reply "Remember what I said?  How old will you be when he comes home?"  "I know, Mom, I'll be 12."  She also knows it will be right before Thanksgiving.  So last Thanksgiving, she declared that we were going to celebrate her 12th birthday and that Firstborn needed to come home.  It has been hard on her.  But we know Firstborn is where he needs to be.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Funny Things She Says

Love Magnet (as she hugs her mom):  Mmmmm, you smell good!

Me: I do?  I'm not wearing perfume.

Love Magnet:  Not perfume.  You smell like DINNER!