Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

Huge gratitudes to my ward choir, ym/yw choir, Primary, women's choir, duets and solos for a fabulous Christmas Program in Sacrament Meeting. The best part was singing Kevin Pace's Silent Night/Joseph Smith's Testimony for our closing song. The congregation joins in singing the third verse of Silent Night while the choir sings Joseph Smith's Testimony. I had the organ joinin playing the hymnbook version of Silent Night when the congregation sang. It was beautiful. You can obtain a copy here.

I'm also grateful that my drive to Utah with my kids today went nearly uneventful (if you don''t include dangerous amounts of fog).

I am so very thankful that finals are over.

Another gratitude for only having to spend $368 for textbooks on Amazon compared to the $420 B&N wanted or the $489 it would have cost at my university book store.

Last gratitude: I had comfort food at my mom's Sunday dinner table.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surviving Finals

So far and A on all of my finals, including the class that gave me the most stress. Unfortunately that A on the exam still left me 2 percentage points short of an A for the class. Ugh.

One last final that I will probably take tomorrow night just to get it done with. Then I am freeeeeeeeeeeeee!

psst - at least for 2 1/2 weeks

I will admit that I loved this semester. Getting into my major and working towards a goal has been wonderful.

I need to talk to the department head but I think I know a direction already that I want to take for graduate school and a final project.

Oh, did I mention I still need to study for the GRE and start taking it this summer? Yeah. More books during vacation.

psst - during my freedom of 2 1/2 weeks, I get to spend part of that taking a vacation sans kids. I get Mr. Wonderful to myself for a few days. Woo-hoo! But I have to whisper the plans. The sickly demons are hunting us down and I do not DO NOT want to be sick over Christmas. Even more so, I do not want Mr. Wonderful getting sick. Know any way to ward off the sickly demons?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

A huge, heartfelt, overwhelming, seriously thankful gratitude to my stake for allowing me to conduct the Halleluja Chorus at our Stake Christmas program tonight. It was amazing.

(I have have to admit, this Mo-Tab version on my playlist sounds a bit tame compared to my stake. Perhaps it seemed, well, more because my heart was beating so fast.

Serious fun. Oh. My. Heavens.

I hope we do it again next year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Go Tell It On The Mountain

The Love Magnet preformed with her grade at the Christmas Music program. All week she has been singing "Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born". In the car. At the grocery store. Playing in our house. But ask her to sing it to people and she clams up. She might whisper it if she's feeling generous. I went to the dress rehearsal. Mr. Wonderful went to the program and played photographer.
The Love Magnet being escorted by her aide, The Divine Mrs. M.
She was so excited, she applauded with the audience before the singing even started. TLM also ended every single song with a grand bow. (Unfortunately we weren't quick enough to capture that. Too bad.)

She knew exactly when to 'ting-a-ling' with her bell in the first song. She kept pointing at the bell in between to make sure we saw she had one.

She knew when to hold up her mask and sing S-A-N-T-A.

Then came her favorite song. She had a hard time keeping up with the verses, but when it came time to sing the chorus she sang her heart out.

I am so grateful that our fabulous music teacher treats my daughter like everyone else. The Love Magnet loves music and absolutely loves her music teacher. Many thanks and much gratitude for all the effort out music teacher puts into her program at our school. Many thanks especially for including a song that really tells about the celebration this season. Most schools won't mention the name of Jesus during this time. Our schools chose to sing out the good news.


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Secondborn!

Secondborn is a bit of an odd duck. At least he was the day he turned into a teenager. He wouldn't tell me what he wanted for a birthday cake (hates chocolate, can you believe it?) or dinner. At least he is the easiest to shop for. All he wants is books, books, books. I bought him a gift card so he could choose his own.
Finally the afternoon of his birthday, he told us he wanted to go out for steak and a loaded baked potato. Off we went. I told him I didn't make a cake since he didn't specify what he wanted. I felt bad.
He ducked every time I tried to take his picture.

Finally snapped him with my stealth.

His brothers wouldn't stop posing.

Even The Love Magnet had to get into the act.

I promised him I would make him a late birthday cake when Grandma and Grandpa B come to visit next week. Right after dinner we went to the book store so he could pick.

Secondborn is my most generous child. He has been know to spend all his birthday money on Christmas presents for his siblings in previous years. This year He has already started earning money for them. He helps the younger kids with homework. He reads to Thirdborn every night (and Thirdborn loves it). Thirdborn loves to play chess. He hates the grief Firstborn gives him for liking such a 'nerdy game'. I have pointed out to Secondborn that he is incredibly smart and chess teaches him strategy, observation and thinking skills. (Pssst, don't tell, but he is getting an awesome chess set for Christmas).
Heavenly Father blessed me with this generous old soul, too. He reminds me very much of a generous brother of mine. (Do you think all 5 will claim that or does the brother know who he is?)