Sunday, July 16, 2006

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

We finished the new carpet and all the painting upstairs. We finished the cherry flooring downstairs. Then we went to look at a house.....

This house was supposed to be for my husband's "flip" business. It is a new house, two months old. Everything is done but the landscaping. The house also has a lot of equity in it that for some reason the sellers weren't interested in recouping in the sale price.

DH and I walked in. We knew this was where we were supposed to be. After praying for years and asking God to show us His plan for us, He shows us when we weren't expecting it. Next thing we know, we're moving in two weeks.

I thought the kids would be upset but they are actually excited. DS#3 is calling this "Our Big Adventure" as if it were the title to some fantastic book. I guess I will have to scrapbook the move in a separate book so that can come true. DS#2 only cares that there are sports programs in this new town. DS#1 just wants time to make friends before the school year starts.

The Good News Is .... that some dear friends of ours moved into this area 6 years ago. Their daughter and DS#1 will go to the same school. They have horses and our kids love horses. Its a good thing.

The Good News Is ....the new house is nearly twice as big as the finished square feet of our current house. There are only 4 bedrooms but DS#2 and DS#3 will share the biggest kids bedroom. The Master bedroom is huge with it's own sitting area, double sinks in the master bath, a tub and separate shower, and a walk in closet that is bigger than our kid's current rooms. There is a common area that separates the kids rooms from ours that will be a great hangout area for the kids. The kids rooms each have a walk-in closet.

The Good News Is .... the kitchen is twice as big as the one I have now. There is a huge walk-in pantry. I will be able to put all of my kitchen things away in the kitchen!

The Good News Is ....there is a fireplace. A linen closet. A formal dining area just off the living room. So many extras that we do not have now.

The Good News Is .... that the new neighborhood is full of families with a wide range of kids. Our kids will have no problem finding new friends.

The Bad News Is.....we're leaving the house we built ourselves. The house we've lived in for 10 years. The only house my kids have ever known. The memories we have here are in the millions. My kids' birthdays and Christmases, family parties, cooking lessons, impromptu concerts, family home evening, scripture study, family prayers, late night talks. They have all been here.

The Bad News Is....we're leaving the neighbors we love. There are so many people here who are dear to us. People whom we've helped and who've helped us. We have laughed together, cried together, celebrated together, served together. People who have seen us at our best and at our worst, and have loved us .

The Bad News Is....I'm going to miss this place.


A Tip Top Tux said...

We are sure going to miss you all! Enjoy your "Grand Adventure"!

Soozcat said...

Oo! New house, new house! How exciting. I'll need to get your new address.

Virginialover said...

Holy Cow! I just wanted to hear some exciting news and you uproot the family. How exciting for you guys! We were flat out shocked. I'll write more in an email. Have a nice day!

Sandy said...

The good things outweigh the bad. That is a good thing, too!

Love your blogspot, Carrie!

Blessings with love,