Monday, October 30, 2006

God Bless The Primary Teachers for their Good Service

This morning while I was upstairs on the computer checking email, I noticed the sound of running water downstairs. I called down and asked DS#3 if everything was okay. He said "Everything is fine, just don't come down!" Oh, dear. You know when your 5 yr old doesn't want your presence it usually means he setting the house on fire. Or in this case, it sounded like he was flooding the house before he set it on fire. I did what all parents would do....I went downstairs.

DS3# is my very smart child who often gets in trouble. (Remember the Great Adventure?) I followed the sound to the kitchen where DS#3 was on a chair in front of the kitchen sink. Besides him on the counter were a lot of dishes. Clean dishes. It took me a minute to register that those dishes were not clean before. What on earth is going on.....?

"Surprise, Mom! I washed the dishes for you! We learned in Primary that we are supposed to give Good Service so I am giving Good Service to you. Did I do a good job?" His eyes sparkled and he looked anxious as if he wasn't sure of my reaction. I guess I looked dumbfounded at the moment. Before I could reply he went on. "Mom, Jesus gave Good Service everywhere He went and we are supposed to be like him. That is what I learned in Primary. Did I give Good Service?" I wrapped him up in my arms, thanked him, and kissed the top of his head. Then DS#3 helped me put the clean dishes away.

As I wiped up the water that had sloshed onto the floor during the "Good Service", I thought about the change in my son this morning. It was obvious that "Good Service" was a benefit to "Good Self-Esteem". My son was happy with himself. He talked about wanting to give more "Good Service". He talked about whom he wanted to give it to. For the first time in his life I saw him think outside of himself. He wasn't the center of his universe anymore.

I'm including my children's Primary teachers in my prayers tonight. I think I'd better send them a thank you note as well. I don't think they know my child has been listening in class It is obvious to me that they have made a big impression in the life of my 5 yr old. And due to the combined efforts of Primary teachers, school teachers, family and, yes, even his parents, I hope my son will want to continue to give "Good Service".


Virginialover said...

What a good little boy! How sweet is that?!?

I love how well you write. It's just fun to read.

Soozcat said...

This gives me some hope as a Primary teacher. Sometimes the class goes haywire and you wonder whether anyone is even paying attention, and then your kids surprise you.