Thursday, December 07, 2006

God Bless The Little Children.....

Last week we were getting ready for bed when DS#2 told me he needed two handmade puppets required for his book report the next day. The same time I remembered that DS#3 needed a VIP poster made for his birthday. Yes, I was up past midnight. Being the uncrafty person that I am, they were not spectacular but they were presentable.

The next morning I was exhausted as I put the VIP poster away for safekeeping until it was time for DS#3 to go to school. Not long before the buses came I found the VIP poster on the floor. The pictures were torn off. There was my Darling Daughter with half of a family picture in her hand.

I yelled at my daughter. (Condemn me all you want, I condemn myself even more.) DD smiled at me and said "I sorry Mom!" "No you're NOT!" I snarled back (oh, yes, I do condemn myself more than you do). DD left the room. I sat on the kitchen floor with a bottle of Elmers and a chopstick trying to piece the poster back together in the little time I had left. DD peeked around the corner of the stairs. "I sorry Mom?", she asked me. I didn't look up as I answered "No, you're not!" DD left again. I was rather enjoying my pity party on the floor when DD came up behind me. She put her arms around me from behind. I stopped my frantic gluing and turned to look at her. DD's bottom lip was poking out and a single tear coursed down her cheek. "Mom", she said softly, "I too sorry."

Leave it to my 4 year old to teach me about forgiveness. Who am I to say who gets to ask for forgiveness? Why did I hang onto my anger over what a 4 year old did? Christ taught us to forgive all men and my own daughter had to remind me of that. I put my arms around her and told her that I was sorry. She sat in my lap and showed me in her way that all was forgiven.

Before I became pregnant with my last child I would pray to our Heavenly Father to bless me with wisdom. His answer was to send me this special little girl. I hope He forgives me for all of the parenting mistakes I make.


Soozcat said...



She is a little sweetie even if she does get into mischief.

Sandy said...

Oh, Carrie, He does forgive! I am such living proof.

It tugs my heart when our adult children write notes in cards or call to say what a good childhood that they had or what a wonderful mom I was. I seem to remember the times that I yelled or was even more unChristlike than that.

We, as moms tend to judge ourselves much more harshly than anyone else could ever do.

Blessings on you and your wounded heart. Your little one (who came with God's wisdome) has already forgiven you.


Medley said...

Carrie: We all have our moments when we need unconditional love. It is a good thing that our children love us no matter how many parenting mistakes we make. You will make more mistakes in this journey we call life, but all your parenting rights will far outnumber the parenting wrongs. And your children will become strong, knowledgable, loving people because of all the rights and wrongs. We--and they--learn from our mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and continue your journey knowing that the Lord will be with you even when you stumble.