Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We're (almost) Off On Another Great Adventure!

Just before Christmas we were given a surprise: DH was offered a management position within the company. It is a fabulous opportunity for him. But, it would require a move............. to Another City In Another State.

When DH first told me of the offer I was adamantly against it. I made my reasons known. Then, when the feeling of "Bad Unsupportive Wife" guilt arose, I told him that I would try to keep an open mind. He thought that was fair as he wanted to check things out before making a decision. For two weeks I was in a funk. Finally one night I poured my heart out in prayer and listed to Heavenly Father all of my reasons why I did not want to move:
1. We just moved here. We wouldn't be in the house for one year before moving again.
2. Moving would be hard on the kids. There would be no cousins close by and they would have to make friends all over again.
3. I don't want to leave our family and friends.
4. I was just starting to reapply to the university to go back to school. What about me?
(More feelings of "Bad Unsupportive Wife" surfaced so I ended my prayer and went to bed feeling very depressed).

I woke up the next morning with the thought: "Hey this is a great opportunity for DH. Let's do it!" My mental rah-rah cheerleaders were shaking pompoms and turning backflips. I don't know what happened in my sleep. I don't remember any visions. I'm not sure if I was given subconcious counsel. (if I was I would say that it is very unfair that I can't remember.) I called DH at work and told him my thoughts, he was rather surprised at my 180 degree turn.

DH announced the idea to our families. Instead of negative feedback (which we expected), everyone was supportive. They were actually excited for us and said they would come visit.

DH's company flew us to The Other City In Another State at their expense. We met a pair of realtors that we feel very comfortable with. My dear sis has a dentist recommendation for us. My uncle and aunt who live there will be our family support and have made us feel loved and welcomed. No need to hunt for a new bank as Dear Uncle works for one. No worries about finding a pediatric cardiologist as Dear Auntie works for one. It shouldn't be too hard to find a pediatrician and other things we will need. We found two neighborhoods we liked. The local university has the programs I want so it looks like I will be going back to school. (DH actually asked me to check into that before we left as he is as excited as I am about that idea.) This whole moving adventure is looking better and better.

During Family Night we held a council with the kids and told them they could say anything they wanted about the idea of moving. DH explained the opportunity to them. I showed them the neighborhoods, houses, and cool-things-to-do-in-The-Other-City on the internet. When they each took their turn there was not one negative thing said. The three boys were for the move. DD, being to young, just enjoyed the treats after the council.

The last hurdle was talking to DH's boss about the criteria. DH made a list of things that would have to happen and spoke to Boss last Monday. It turns out that Boss had the same criteria. He is now in the middle of writing things up to make it official.

Looks like this summer we are off for another Great Adventure.


Virginialover said...

Wow, that's so great! What an great job opportunity too. We'll definitely hop on board to visit! Congratulations!

Soozcat said...

Great adventures coming your way! We may have a great adventure of our own... but more on that when we have actual information rather than scuttlebutt to report.