Friday, August 13, 2010

High School......Attitude?

I was shopping at the mall with The Love Magnet today. She has definitely developed her own sense of style and did not want her mom dictating her fashion choices. Neither did she want to hold her mom's hand:

The Love Magnet: "I can do whatever I want because I 8 years old now. I am high school teenager now and you can't tell me what to do. If you tell me what to do I have worst. day. ever.! Don't talk to me! (Shows me the 'hand' in my face.) I a TEENAGER!"

Me: (completely flabbergasted and I'm sure my face showed it. I regained some composure and gave my kid that one-eyebrow-up head-cocked mom look that usually - usually! - works on my sons.)

The Love Magnet: "I just kidding mom! I just like the girls on Disney!"

(When did Disney start showing rude, disrespectful girls on their channels?)

The Love Magnet, (a few minutes later) in her sweetest, 8 year old voice: "Mom, I a good girl? I a good 8 year old girl?"

(Great. I have a daughter with two personalities. Little Miss Independent Streak, and Little Miss I-Want-To-Go-Swimming-So-I-Need-To-Remind-Mom-I'm-A-Good-Girl.)


heather said...

I'll take a little teenage attitude any day to get that much speech out of Morgan. I love that she can verbally express herself so well. I'm glad you didn't make her have the worst day ever, too! :)

Suzie and Lily said...

Lily can transform into a Disney character in seconds! Flipin' the head and putting up the hand. I have to say I am amazed that our children have the ability to remember that kind of stuff. Don't know that I like it all the time, but it kind of makes me proud.

Emma said...

That's too cute! :)

Michelle said...

Too funny! although I'm sure it was funny to you at the moment :) and wow I'm impressed with the string of words put together for her sentences! I don't think any of Kayla's sentences are that long!

the holmans said...

write it down in your journal, that is so sweet... oh and ye they do have rude disrespectful girls on Disney!!!!

Tausha said...

Oh my gosh, that was hilarious!! You have your hands full don't you. She sounds like my 16 year old. :-)

Nelson Family said...

This dialog cracked me up. Now I have an idea what to expect when my little angel turns 8 going on teenager.