Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Ultimate, Most Fabulous, Tee-rific, Uber Cool, Awesomest Christmas Gift EVER!

I know it is hard to see behind Mr. Wonderful and Firstborn - that is a helicopter. I decided that a gift of an experience would be great this year. Since Firstborn wants to be a pilot ( of planes, not helicopters, but that might change) I bought them a helicopter tour to see the Christmas lights downtown.
It rocked.
I thought I would be scared silly due to my fear of heights. It was just incredibly cool. We flew around the capitol building, past the historic area, and around downtown. The view was amazing. So worth every cent to see the look on my son's face.
I am now the very cool queen-mom who won't quit patting herself on the back.


Amy said...

Yeah for exciting cool gifts! Good job momma!

Angela said...

That definitely is one of the coolest presents I have ever heard of. Way to go! Sounds like Christmas at your place is going to be great. We'll miss your family at the party.