Thursday, August 11, 2011

Countdown to grad school

Titres, skin tests, CPR certification. All the stuff I didn't know I needed to have before grad school is now messing up my trip-to-Utah plans before school starts. Grad school also wants my immunization records. As another 40-something classmate has also found out, we can't get those records because they no longer exist. I've had a few booster shots in the past two years that will count, but it looks like I will need a few more.

I've spent over $500 on textbooks for this upcoming semester, including 5 books for neurology alone. I love neurology but I will admit to some apprehension of the seeming insurmountable workload from that class alone. I need to pay tuition this week, too, and give information on my insurance for my SHIP waiver.

Kids school supplies have been purchased as well as most of the school clothes they will need. Still waiting anxiously for information on meet-the-teacher night as I still don't know who they will be.

Slowly things are being checked off my to-do list. I will admit to a small bit of anxiety in the realm of "Can I really do this?" But I know that this goal of grad school is a righteous goal and I will have all the help I need to accomplish it. God is great. He will not leave me alone.

I've been marveling at all the huge milestones our family will see during my two years of grad school:

* Firstborn has an interview this Sunday to be ordained an elder after which we will start marking off the checklist of everything to be done before his mission. He can turn in his papers in November. He'll leave for his mission sometime in February. He is hoping to serve in Africa like his grandparents.

*Secondborn will turn 16, be ordained a Priest which will allow him to bless the Sacrament. He will also start driving and dating (in my church, dating doesn't start until you turn 16). If you ask him which one he is more excited for between driving and dating, he will certainly tell you driving.

* Thirdborn will turn 12 and be ordained a deacon, which will allow him to pass the Sacrament. This is a big deal and he is so excited at the thought.

These are huge milestones in my church and my kids are really looking forward to them. Here is to the next two years. They will be monumental.


Anonymous said...

WOW! So much is going on and such huge things. I know that God will see you through and will guide you along the way. He will expand your time just like he has been doing and I know he will pour his blessings out on you. What awesome accomplishments for 1st, 2nd and 3rd born. Time sure is flying by! I will love continuing to read about all of your family's accomplishments. Much love to you!


Eliza said...

Driving is way cooler than dating. :)

Shirlene said...

You can do it, you're awesome. Maybe one day I'll follow your example and go to grad school. But for now I'm happy to cheer you on:)

Leah S. said...

WHAT?? Did your school hand out a program handbook? All these requirements are listed in ours. The CPR certification needs to be current at the time of graduation so I'm going to wait awhile before taking it. (I have 18 months of school left.) Yeah, I have to get all my boosters to. Blech. I had some a few years ago but the clinic where I had them no longer exists. Lovely. I'm only taking 6 credits this semester, but one of them is physics which just might do me in! LOL Next semester is 17 credits, and 20 the next! Oh, and clinicals? The current class only has 14 students, and not a single clinical site in the state. They're spread out all over the country. It's going to be a rough year, I think.

Scarehaircare said...

ISU sent our a letter 2 wks ago with the titres/skintest/immunization and CPR requirements. They have to be done (or in the case of Hepatitis vaccines at least have the series started) before we will be allowed to step into clinic. ISU has an onsite clinic for the 1st year grad students and the 2nd year is spent out in the field divided equally between hospital, public schools, and private practice.

The first week of school will include fingerprinting and background checks as well as picture IDs to be worn at all times.