Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ten Years Old

Watching Madeline

Must read all the cards before opening the presents.  There is an order to birthday things.

Note the pink cupcakes.  This was part of her dream birthday celebration.

Manicures in every color and with bling!

The manicure station

Waiting (anxiously) for guests to arrive.  She wanted to stand outside in front of the door to make sure her guests didn't go to the wrong house.

PInk cupcakes, black and pink wrapped table.

Each guest was presented with the Crepe Cafe menu (Thanks to the Seal Bark for doing them up for me).

Decorations included balloons supplied by her brothers

The brothers also willingly helped decorate everything else.

The Love Magnet on her 10th birthday.

Ten most incredible things about The Love Magnet

1.  This girl LOVES to dance.  Hip hop, ballet, modern, hula........she has moves.

2.  Everyone is her best friend.  If she just met you, you are her new best friend.  She doesn't discriminate.  Feel the love.

3.  She will thank you.  Gratitude abounds with this one.  Often she will also throw in a "my darling" along with the thank you.

4.  The Love Magnet has finally discovered the joys of fashion, nail polish, accessories, and bling.  Just like any typical preteen.

5.  She loves to read.  Chapter books, cooking magazines, scriptures, or over my shoulder looking at blogs. 

6.  This girl loves to be in the kitchen, especially to make breakfast.  She is a foodie.

7.  The Love Magnet believes that everyone deserves to be happy.  If you are down, she is the one who can cheer you up.
8.  Her heroes are her brothers.

9.  She loves school and wishes it were year round.

10.  No grudges.  She forgives completely.  How many of us can say we have that ability?


MrsVJW said...

I find it hilarious that at the bottom of this post, I see a blinged-out hot pink high heel. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!!

heather said...

I just going through my google reader and cleaning up some subscriptions I don’t ever read or follow and saw this post on there. Not sure how I missed this but wanted to comment. It turned out SOOOOO CUTE! She looks adorable waiting for her friends to arrive and the cupcakes are to die for! Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate 10 years! Happy belated birthday Lauren!

Eve said...

I am glad that you had fun:):)