Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Days 5,6,7

I trekked to the Afton's Sweet Shoppe for the traditional 5 kinds of fudge. This year I chose Mint Chocolate, Raspberry Cream, Cheesecake Caramel, Butterfinger, and Praline. I took DD with me who charmed the shop owner and loved seeing all of the floor-to-ceiling displays of candy. We learned that Afton's will ship fudge to us every year so I can continue this tradition (if I really want to pay the shipping fees). The box was wrapped with a cute red bow. DD insisted on holding the box all the way home. I found out her intentions when I parked the car in the garage; she had tried to take the ribbon off the box , fully intending to open it and sample the fudge.

The box was on DH's dinner plate when he sat down. The kids did not care about dinner, they wanted dessert right then! We save the fudge for our Family Night Treat.

This morning DH woke up to 6 freshly made cinnamon rolls. (This meant that DH actually had to eat breafast, which he rarely does.) The kids enjoyed as much as they could eat at the kitchen table. Tomorrow DH will be given a letter stating that there are seven more days until he can enjoy his Vanlentine's dinner: Crab Cakes, Garlic Lover's Shrimp Pasta, Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Brown Butter, and a Caramel Apple Tarte Tatin for dessert.

The best day so fat was Day #4. I couldn't find frames that I liked so I taped each child's black & white 8x10 on his bathroom mirror and wrote in red lipstick "On the 4th Day of Valentines - 4 kids who love you!" On the bottom left corner of the mirror I taped my 8x10 portrait and wrote "and 1 cute wife who loves you, too." DH came into the bathroom to get ready for church and started laughing. He laughed the entire time it took him to comb his hair and shave. The pictures are still up along with the lipstick'd note. The kids keep walking into the bathroom to look at it.

I wonder how long it will stay up?

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