Sunday, February 25, 2007

What Can Your Child Get Away With?

Yesterday my 4 year old Dear Daughter and I were standing in line for a frozen yogurt at the mall food court. DD held tightly to my hand while her other hand held a $5 bill (she insisted on paying). DD leaned forward, peered around my knees and spied something just a few feet away.

"Mom, look at that!"

"Look at what, honey?"

"THAT!" DD pointed with her $5 hand.

I looked in that direction and beheld a teen boy. He had jet black-dyed straight hair hanging in his eyes and down the back of his neck. Black t-shirt. Black jeans slung so low that everyone could see what pattern was printed on his boxer shorts. Black boots. Studs on boots. Studs and chains on pants. Studs on belt. Studs on wrist bands. Studs on dog collar. Studs through lips, nose and eyebrows. This guy would never get through security at the airport with all of that metal. Then it hit me: DD had more to say.........

"Oh, thaaat's SILLY!" DD start laughing. A gut-busting Tinkerbell belly laugh. Everyone around us heard her comment, including Mr. Stud Boy and his entourage. And the mall echoes. It sounded like a thousand gut-busting Tinkerbell belly laughs.

I tried not to giggle. Honestly, I did try to keep myself in check. But when DD laughs, its hard not to join her. Within a few seconds the people around us started laughing. The frozen yogurt workers started laughing. The Entourage started laughing. Finally, Mr. Stud Boy started laughing. What else could he do?

Leave it to DD to tell it like it is. And get away with it.

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Soozcat said...

Oh, I'm glad he laughed. You just never know.