Sunday, March 18, 2007

Decisions, decisions......

We have narrowed down the house hunt to two choices. Do we pick the house we really like in the nice-but-not-favorite neighborhood with the big and fully fenced back yard? Or do we pick the house that is okay in the neighborhood we really like because we can finish the basement and sell it to build the house we really want later - that is if the real estate market cooperates which right now it doesn't look like it will. If the market cooperates we could stand to gain ALOT of equity in this house.

I don't think that the decision is important to our salvation. But it would be nice to have some heavenly direction. We will be fasting and praying about the decision in early April. We would be grateful for all prayers, vibes, and good thoughts sent in our behalf.

It looks like we will try to put up our house on the market in early April. I am decluttering and getting ready to paint over all of DD's Picasso moments (which happened the first month we moved in). I am tempted to limit the kids to one school outfit each (and pack the rest), one toy each (and pack the rest), and make them live in the back yard just so I can keep the house clean for potential buyers.

Now for the last decision: it has been recommended by DD's preschool teachers and therapist that we get a dog. Apparently a dog will keep DD from wandering away from home and can be trained to keep her safe. Makes me think of the dog Nana from Peter Pan. The dog will have to wait until we move. The kids are very excited about the whole idea as they have been begging for a dog for years.

I doubt the kids will let me name the dog Nana, dress her in a little white mob cap, and teach her how to serve hot chocolate.

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