Thursday, August 30, 2007

The First Week Of School and Other Musings

Today ends the first week of school. When I used to go to school, all of my supplies fit into a pencil box. This year it cost over $100 getting supplies for my three youngest. One the first day of school each kid had their backpack full (Except for DD, whose backpack is nearly as big as she is. If I put anything in it she would fall right over), as well as 3 full grocery bags carried by DH and myself. Good thing school is within easy walking distance.

I am very impressed with the teachers I have met so far. My kids are enthusiastic about them, too. The future projects sound like a lot of fun. DS#1 loves his Chinese class, mainly because she taught them insults on the first day. They are talking about taking students on a tour of China and he wants to be the first in line. DS#2 talks about science, math, and sports. DS#3 is still excited about P.E. ("Three times a week, Mom!") and school lunch ("Their spaghetti doesn't taste as good as yours, Mom." I hope not).

I found out that DS#3 waits for DD every recess so he can look out for her. He helps her up the ladder so she doesn't fall, down the slide, and makes sure no one pushes her around. (I think I hear a collective Awwwww! from dear readers.) When I asked him why he did this rather than play with his new friends he told me "I'm her big brother, Mom, I am supposed to make sure she is safe. Besides, I introduce my friends to her and they play with her, too." Just thinking about this makes me teary and so proud that he is my son.

DD always says goodbye to her class mates with no reaction from them. Until today. A darling little girl turned to say goodbye to her first. If this relationship develops, I want to invite her for a playdate.

DS#2 is getting a rep on the bball court. Apparently he is very good. We've never signed him up for basket ball before. The earth will end as we know it if I do not sign him up this year. Signup dates are on my calendar. I'm looking forward to cheering. ITM, DS#1 has his first swim meet next week. Those are long affairs but I will be there cheering on a very hard cement bleacher bench.

Lastly, I have two calendars, one on my computer and one in my closet. These will be full of class assignments. No more making sock puppets at midnight, no running to the store in pjs and no makeup because someone forgot to tell me they needed a bag of candy that day or to the school because I forgot to send lunch money, no more missed assignments because I am juggling 4 schedules as well as my own. Power School numbers will be posted on both calendars for weekly checks. This year I will be Super Mom (red cape, blue tights, the whole nine yards), Miss Organization (pencil firmly behind ear), Creative Queen (Make a costume out of cardboard boxes and dryer tubing? No problem, I have those in the craft cabinet.)

Maybe I'd better finish organizing my office first before I can be called all of those things. After I finish the laundry, clean the kitchen, scrub the tub......


ValFal said...

I'm glad your kids are adjusting well to the new schools. Sounds like you're really getting organized for the school year! I need to do the same thing!

Nathan said...

Hmmm, if that China trip works out and they need help I might be able to accomodate that. I gotta play some basketball when I visit too!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Sounds like your kids are doing great...

Found your blog off of Brady's Bunch and just loved the name!