Sunday, August 19, 2007

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Sunday Gratitudes

1. My firstborn son telling me that he knows the password # to the adult control lock on our TV. He wanted to be sure that I knew it needed to be changed so he would never be tempted to watch something he shouldn't. All of those Family Night lessons on honesty and integrity have paid off.

2. DD swallowed a Boondocks game token last night. This morning while I took the boys to church my Darling Husband took her to the ER. They took numerous x-rays, fed her vanilla pudding and graham crackers, and sent her home saying they think she will be fine. If the token does not pass through in two days then she is to go back. I'm grateful we have a competent hospital close by. The drs fell in love with DD.

3. One of my best girlfriend's father passed away over the weekend. I am grateful that we know where we were, why we are here, and what happens next. I have to smile thinking of the great reunion he had with his two children who died as small children. He was a great man.

4. Firstborn son made the high school swim team! He hasn't swum (swim, swam, swum?) with a club for two years so the next month will be very hard. He will be fine.

5. DS #2 and #3 are excited for school to start next week. I'm happy that their love for learning has not diminished. DS#1 is a bit apprehensive but I do think he is excited for Honors Science and Honors English.

6. Date night is back in swing! DH took me out last night for Thai food and Bourne Ultimatum. Here is thanks to what we love to refer to as homemade marriage therapy.

7. Quirky family celebrations. This week I have to made Firstborn's favorite meal (buffalo wings) because..........he is OFFICIALLY taller than me. DS#1 has been measuring himself against me all summer in anticipation of this all-important event. After watching his example, DS#2, DS#3 and even DD have starting requesting to compare their height with mine, hoping that they, too, will get their favorite meals and a mini family celebration.

8. Restful Sundays. Oh, yessssss.

9. DH bought a new computer this week. I now will be able to check email every day, blog more often, and see my parents on the Skype phone. Woo-hoo!

10. Today was my first Sunday directing practice with our new ward choir. They are amazing singers and pick up music quickly. I am going to have fun times with this ward calling.


mum2brady said...

Yayy - you're back blogging more often! love, Love, LOVE your list!!! Congrats to your DS #1 - I hope he has a blast swimming and at HS :) He will have a great year :)

Thanks for joining in!!!!

Aimster03 said...

Hi Carrie:

Those are wonderful gratitudes to have and to share. I remmebr when DS officialy grew taller than me. It was a very big thing in our home as well. ;-)

I miss you posts on the thread and hope you and your family are enjoying your summer.

amy (aimster)