Thursday, September 17, 2009

Been deathly ill.....

Not me.

My computer.

One of my sons chose to turn of the firewall so they could play some online game. This child will remain nameless. He is deeply sorry for what happened next.

I got on the computer after him. While doing some browsing, clicking on only the sites that had the green light from my computer, the computer caught a virus. A really nasty one that downloaded a ton of porn, gambling sites, and something from Africa that I was afraid would be identity-stealing something-or-other. I couldn't turn the computer off. It did not occur to me to pull the plug. People, I was TRAUMATIZED!

What evil people design things like these computer viruses?

After realizing that Spybot and some other programs I had were not going to touch these, I turned the computer off. The very next morning I took it to my local computer doctor.

It was bad timing. I had an online test for my Speech Phonetics class that started that day. there was no way the computer doctor could heal this patient before the exam would close (not unless I paid exorbitant amounts of extra cash). I had to live for nearly a week without my beloved computer.

It was withdrawal. It was inconvenient. I could not do my online labs. I couldn't print off the Power Point lectures to take to class. No recipes. No online Cookie friends. No Facebook. No email, online newspapers, Craiglist, IMDB. No blogging or reading other blogs.

It was really, really hard.

Oh happy day when the computer doctor called to say it was ready. I brought it home and waited for Mr. Wonderful to set it up. This morning I grew impatient and discovered that I could set up the computer all by myself. I am feeling like I accomplished something.

And just what did I do very first thing on the internet? Online lab? Nope....

Slogged through hundreds of emails.

Followed by blogging to you, my dear reader. I am sorry you were second. I shall repent. Hopefully there will be no next time when my computer becomes deathly ill.

If your compassionate side feels the need to give me service in this time of travail (even though it is over), I accept cyber casseroles.

Or real-life laundry service.

Yeah. I didn't think I'd get any takers on that laundry service, either.


CandyandLadybugs said...

I'm glad your computer is fixed now. Dang viruses! GRRRRR!!!! I hope you were able to get your school work done. Welcome back to cyber world. :)

Melissa said...

glad you got it up and running again. Computers are love-hate relationships. Can't live with them, can't live without them. I understand your grief....hang in there! And good luck on the school "catching up" to do....

heather said...

Welcome back!! Luckily, we've never had anything like that happen to our computer, but really who designs these viruses and finds joy out of violating our life with all that crap!?

The Country Mouse said...

I was looking at this, and DH walked up behind me and said, in a very worried voice, "She's SICK? What's wrong?!?!" He was very relieved when I told him it was only your computer.

Ain't he cute?


I am glad you are back. Sorry about the viruse. I worry about them all the time.