Friday, September 18, 2009

Conversations with The Love Magnet

The other day while walking home from school, The Love Magnet waved to a boy.

"Hi, J!", she yelled enthusiastically. J waved back.

"Who was that?", I asked

"Oh, that J. He my husband."

I wasn't sure if I heard that one right. The Love Magnet is know for garbling speech now and then. I tried to play it cool. "He is what?"

"He my husband." TLM was trying hard to be patient with me.

"Sweetie, you are not married. You are 7 years old." Where on earth did she learn the context of the word husband?!! Surely she doesn't understand the definition.

"Moooom! I am married. He. My. HUSBAND!" TLM's patience was gone. I was now getting a lecture in her very best Let's-imitate-Mom-when-she's-exasperated voice. (This is one of the reasons Heavenly Father sent TLM to me. To show me exactly how I sound to my kids. It's usually humbling. Not today....)

"Sweetheart, you have to be old to be married. Old like me." Normally I wouldn't call myself old, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Mom, I grow up now. I tall." My daughter apparently believed that settled matters.

I left the conversation alone, hoping that she would forget about it. She did not mention for the rest of the day.

Thank goodness.

How on earth am I going to handle it when she turns 16 and wants to date and drive?



You are a great Mom. You can tell in just the way that conversation went. You are teaching great things. You go!

Leah said...

RoFL At least she's not bossy! Angela not only says who she's going to marry, but where THEY are going to work, and where SHE is going to work, and that *I*, the mom, am not allowed to interfere! Very scary.