Saturday, November 28, 2009

Love Magnet Moments

I asked The Love Magnet to tuck herself in bed tonight. I had to start a birthday cake and blow up balloons. She said okay and trotted off. Just not far enough to her bedroom.

"Bed" must be a relative term meaning anywhere you choose to flop down with a quilt.

Obviously she felt left out that Firstborn and Secondborn were allowed to stay up and help. She didn't want to miss anything.

She is so darn cute!


Emma said...

wow silly girl can't wait to come visit

Angela said...

funny girl

mum2brady said...

She is SO.DANG.CUTE!!!! Love her - and you too :) Thanks for the smile - even though it's a few weeks past - it still made me smile :)

Rachel Smith said...

Adorable... Those sleeping lips! What a sweetheart