Friday, September 03, 2010

Turtle Rescue

Mr. Wonderful rescued a turtle trying to cross one of the busiest streets in our town. He brought it home for Thirdborn to see (Thirdborn loves animals).
Doggie Girl didn't know what to think of it. She sniffed it, tried to bat it with her paw (and didn't like being told "no") and then tried to chase the poor turtle. We held her tight.

Mr. Wonderful said it was called a painted turtle
After admiring it for a while we decided it needed to be released back into the wild. A safe part of the wild. Where to go?
Thirdborn named the turtle Surfboard. Mr. Wonderful drove the kids to a local state park. The park rangers thought it was cool that they rescued a turtle so the family was let in for free. (Thanks ranger dudes!) Secondborn swam with the turtle to an island in the middle of the lake and let the turtle loose in the reeds. He reported that the turtle was quite happy to be there.
Good deeds were done today.

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Soozcat said...

Well done you! I'm sure Surfboard is happy to be back in the wild again.