Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exciting things the air, actually.

We are finally building the roof to cover our patio. We extended the patio last summer. It's the perfect size now for table and chairs and hanging out.
We've been planning this for three years. I can't wait to hang some uber cool candle lanterns and pick out patio furniture. I also have plans for a giant urn water feature .
Secondborn and his best friend have been a great help.

Mr. Wonderful even got me on the ladder a few times. I kept my eyes shut.

I told Mr. Wonderful that he looks sexy wearing a tool belt. Very Handy Manny. He rolled his eyes at me.

I think Secondborn just likes hanging out above my head. As long as he looks busy outside, I can't put him to work inside.


Soozcat said...

Secondborn is a smart kid.

Look forward to seeing your new construction completed!

ParkerMama said...

Sooooo exciting! :)

Tammy and Parker

Tiffany said...

That will look fabulous. Now we can have tea parties outside too! We miss you!