Monday, April 18, 2011

What did she say?

The Love Magnet: "I 8 years old. Then I 9 years old. Then I 10 years old. Then I 11 years old. Then I 12 years old. Then I get to be your sous chef!" (when counting out her birthdays.)

The Love Magnet: Mom! Look, Mom! Look at that man in blue truck! He have bald hair, Mom! Look, bald hair!

The Love Magnet (on Sunday when given the opportunity to lead a song in Primary): I know how myself, Mom. You don't help me. (She then helds out her hand like I do to invite kids to sing, turned and nodded to the pianist to start. My daughter proceeded to wave her hand completely off beat. She did cut off at the right time on the finish and raised her pinkie while doing it. Do I do that?)


The Love Magnet(today at the grocery store): "Thanks, honey." (when I hand her an item for the cart.) "Good job, honey" (as I picked out produce). "You're welcome, honey." (This kept going through the entire grocery store, and shoppers were openly smiling as they watched her help me shop.)


Eliza said...

So sweet! I need to get to know this girl better! Maybe I'll come visit with out Nate.

Lincoln Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

You need to write a book.

Christie said...

Do you do that? Why yes. Yes you do. :)