Friday, November 09, 2012

The Baptism Portraits

A friend of ours who took Firstborn's Senior pictures offered to take The Love Magnet's baptism portraits.  My daughter was enamored by the photographer.  She thought the photog was very pretty. 
The Love Magnet was also thrilled to pose with scriptures.  She loves scriptures.
 The photog directed TLM to open the scriptures and start reading.  So TLM did just that (and pretty much ignored everything else - she was busy reading). 
 This is my favorite shot.  I'm not sure what The Love Magnet was thinking.  This wasn't a directed pose - I think TLM was looking at the cute baby hat display while the photog and I were talking.
 And one more of the same shot.

The dress is soft and flowing.  Not the white baptism dress I dreamed of, but she looks beautiful.  Huge thanks to the photog for taking these.  Her work is stunning.


Carol said...

Just gorgeous!

Soozcat said...

It's a beautiful dress, and it suits her very well.

Angela said...

So you're finally back. I wondered where you had gone. Even I post more than you these days :). I like the reading pic the best. this was great to catch up on you guys since we missed you at your parents. Keep me updated this way- I like reading about you guys and I don't facebook or use phones :).And I will miss Scott too. Such a rad kid you have.