Sunday, May 13, 2007


First of all, I have to say I am grateful for my Mom. It was through watching her with my siblings that I learned mothering skills. Sitting by her in church, I learned how to sing parts by listening to her clear alto voice. I remember her sitting on the floor between the doorjambs to my and my sister's room and my brothers room when I was a child, reading "Summer of the Monkeys" and using all of the voices (I love reading to my kids and, yes, I use all the voices). She was the mom who made the best Ascot hats for my sister and me to wear when we were in "My Fair Lady" in high school. She encouraged us to bring our friends over to hang out at our house and made sure the freezer was always full of ice cream. She always encouraged me. Thanks, Mom.

Every Mother's Day my Darling Husband makes me a gorgeous breakfast. This year he baked eggs wrapped in thick-cut pepper bacon and topped with melted brie, served on garlic bagel toasts. There was broiled pineapple, fruit shortcakes made with strawberries, mango, and bosc pear. There were fresh kiwis and blackberries. There were dark chocolate kisses and melted chocolate. He shopped late when I was asleep and then got up early to cook and serve it all before 7:30 because we had church at 9:00. On top of all this, he is as sick as I am. Now do you understand why I call him Mr. Wonderful?

Today was our last day teaching the 10-11 yr old boys in Primary, including our own son. I loved having this calling with DH. He had never had a Primary calling before. He got along very well with the boys and we had some great teaching moments. The boys were eager to learn and brought up some great discussions during our 4 1/2 months with them. I'll miss each one of them with all of their humor, quirks, and expressions. I especially loved teaching my own son. I hope he didn't suffer too much. ;)

Tonight we watched the finale of Survivor with the older boys. During the last part of the game, one of the contestants proved that he truly had no integrity. I am grateful my boys caught onto that. The show promoted some of the best discussion we have ever had with our older children about integrity and how we treat those around us. I loved having this heart-to-heart conversation with both DH and myself counseling and listening to our children.

Yesterday,I got to talk to my Mom on the phone (I wish I could have talked to Daddy, too). I can't wait to move so we can set up a video phone. DD asks for her Gamapapa every day and will love seeing them. So this gratitude is for modern technology. I can't wait to get that video phone set up so I can see Mom and Daddy.

I am also grateful for modern medicine. This cold would be unbearable if it weren't for decongestants, cough suppressant, and ibuprofen. If it weren't for them DH and I would not be able to get things done during the day or sleep at night.

I'm grateful for prayer. That connection to my Heavenly Father is something that I cherish. I can report on my day, ask for strength for what is to come. I can share all of my thoughts, including what I can't verbalize because I don't quite understand it myself. His love is unconditional and all-encompassing.

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mum2brady said...

Wonderful list Carrie!

I hope you had a wonderful mother's day and that you feel better soon!