Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Sensitive Side of Dear Son #3

Last night my kids gathered around to call Darling Husband, who is out of town for a few days. He answered the phone....well he tried to answer the phone. DH sounded very sick and he was losing his voice.

I felt so bad for him. Being sick in a place where there is no one to take care of you is miserable. DS#1 and DS#2 both hoped that he would get well and and were considerate while they had their turn talking to their dad.

Then it was DS#3's turn to talk on the phone. He had heard me tell the older boys that their dad was sick and also listened carefully to the one-sided conversations as the boys told DH about their days. When DS#3 got on the phone, he already had a concerned look on his face. The concern grew deeper as he listened to DH try to ask him about his day. I could hear DH coughing as I held DS#3 next to me on the couch. Before DS#3 said good-bye, he had large tears in his eyes and coursing down his cheeks.

After we hung up, I put my arms around my youngest son and told him that we would get Dad home this weekend and DS#3 could help me nurse him back to health. My son was so worried. "How can Dad talk if he loses his voice? What if it never comes back? Will he be able to drive home when he is sick?" Who will take care of him at the hotel?"

The tears kept coming. DS#3 is by far the most sensitive of all my boys. He has empathy for everyone around him. He finds the loneliest kid at recess and brings them into his group. He loves taking meals to families in our neighborhood who need them. He includes so many people in his prayers who he thinks need extra blessings (He also tells Heavenly Father in every prayer how grateful he is for this "awesome world" that was created for us).

I finally dried the tears and took DS upstairs to tuck him in bed. His prayers that night were shorter than normal. Instead of blessing everybody by name, he asked for extra blessings for his daddy's well-being and blessings so our house will sell quickly before we move. He was so concerned for these blessings that I had to remind him to say what he was thankful for. He closed his eyes again and expressed his gratitude for a daddy who works hard for us even when he isn't feeling good, and then closed his prayer.

There are times when this child awes me. His single mindedness in his love for a family member, his ability to forgive so quickly, his awareness of what happens within and outside of our family dynamics. I'm grateful for the glimpses I get of his incredible spirit. I'm humbled to be his mom

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