Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our New Home

We are now the proud owners of a new home. Darling Husband called me to tell me that he signed his name (a million times), signed my name (a million times) and then had to sign his name again every time he signed mine and state the fact that he had power of attorney. He also initialled (here and there and everywhere), initialled my initials (here there and everywhere), and then initialled his initials by my initials (here there and everywhere) to show that he had power of attorney. The poor man now has a very sore arm, wrist and hand.

Darling Husband kept calling it "My House" as in mine, not his. I told him it was our house. He replied that it was our house and he liked our house but he bought it for me because I loved the house and I am the one who is in it all day. Isn't he absolutely sweet?

Please pray for us to sell this house we are currently living in. No one has come to tour it yet. I am trying to have faith.

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Virginialover said...

Yea for the new house. I'm sure that signing that many documents was brutal.

We're excited to see you soon.