Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On the 11th Day of Valentine's

On the 11th Day of Valentines
I used to give you candles of red
To tell you about our dinner date.
(And give hints for what lies ahead.)

This year I leave it to you
To bring candles on your own.
And pick a bottle of sparkling-something.
(If you want, you could write your own poem).

I will be uber consumed
With planning our special night.
There is a lot to be considered.
(And I want to make it right.)

We’ll start with Lobster Bisque
And a Hot Crab Dip for two.
With pita chips and crackers
(it’s the least the I could do).

Then I will attempt to make
Your most favorite dish
From my most favorite restaurant
(hint: it will be fish).

Dessert will be our favorite recipe
I’ve attempted once before -
Also from my most favorite restaurant.
(I will be tempted to eat more.)

That is all I’m going to tell you
For the rest you will have to wait.
Dinner will be at 7 sharp.
I trust you won’t be late.

(this will be printed on a scroll and waiting for Mr. Wonderful on his nightstand.)

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