Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

This Sunday I am so grateful for my Mr. Wonderful. He works so hard for us. He is my love, my sounding board, my best friend, my rock (call me a rock! - private joke for Mr. W), my math and stats tutor, my reason for my "million little reasons". Yesterday I made him a gourmet dinner to thanks him for the things he does for me every day,

Halibut Oscar and Fingerling potatoes (and me wishing I would have sucked in my stomach before the picture was taken. Look at the food. Please, look at the food....)
Mr. Wonderful brought me roses. He also set the table.

Usually, Mr. W ducks when he sees a camera, but he couldn't this time or he'd spill the nonalcoholic peach sparkly he was pouring. I have to be sneaky with a camera.

Halibut Oscar and lobster bisque (I didn't make the lobster bisque. Bought it as Costco.)

I did, however, make the most fabulous blackberry creme brulee for dessert. It is a dangerous thing, this knowledge that making creme brulee is insanely easy. Oh, but it makes a grand impression. Mmmmmmm.
Happy 14 Day's of Valentines to my Mr. Darcy, my own private Michelangelo statue, my honey, my Sweetheart of the first order. You deserve every single day of effort that went into it. God blessed me the day he brought you into my life.


Shirlene said...

ooh, I'm so impressed. But you are always good at putting a meal together. Where were the kids?

Scarehaircare said...

The kids eat early (around 5:00 and always Papa Murphy's pizza). Then they go upstairs and get ready for bed. By the time we are done with dinner it's bedtime for them.

heather said...

I am totally going to copy this next year...we were gone for the first week of Feb. so I decided to not try this Valentines. Your dinner looks so yummy and I actually bookmarked your recipe awhile back because I love Halibut Oscar at Market Street! How was the lobster bisque from costco? I tried that for the first time in San Fran last year and LOVED it! I had to laugh at your comment under your picture--that's why I love photoshop and crop almost every picture with me in it! :) Glad you had a Happy Valentine's Day with your mr. W!