Friday, July 10, 2009


I took my kids on a hike this week. The first hike I have ever initiated. Without Mr. Wonderful. What was I thinking? The things I do to try to keep my kids safe from boredom during summer vacation. We got lost before we even got there. I really should get a Garmin for my car. It would have been helpful.
With water bottles, sunscreen, and collapsible dog dish in a backpack, we took off on a two mile loop. Smith Nation would have been proud. Secondborn took point and insisted on carrying the backpack and hanging onto Doggie Girl's leash. He pointed out wildlife and kept an eye out for poison ivy (I really don't think poison ivy grows in that area). Thirdborn would yell whenever he saw anything and scared all the poor critters away before I got there. The Love Magnet did her best to keep up with the boys.

Hiking in the desert is fun. Hot. Dusty. Mosquito-y.

The kids and I were having a great time. The kids learned quickly that when I yelled "move to the side!" that they had better obey quickly or risk getting run over by mountain bikers. We found a part of the trail that was only open to hikers. Much safer. We stopped at a bridge for a photo. I love this pic, too bad it's blurry.

The flowers and butterflies were gorgeous.

Thirborn wanted to explore every single creek we came across.

The Love Magnet grew tired and started working her magic. She had Secondborn wrapped around her finger. He lifted her up to sit on a fence so she could drink her water. She then asked if he would carry her the rest of the way (along with the backpack and excited dog.) I told her that she was perfectly capable of walking on her own. That didn't stop her from trying to convince him.

A two mile hike took almost two hours. We survived. We did not get lost. There were no injuries or poison ivy rashes or snake bites (Thirdborn was determined to find a snake). It was so much fun that the kids have voted that we go on a hike once a week for the rest of summer. Looks like I had better research day hikes.


Monica said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Can't wait to hear more of you hiking adventures!!!

My name is Sarah said...

Oh cool. Hikes are fun.

Emma said...

hikeing's always fun!


You go girl! I am so excited that you all hit the trails. I love the pictures. It looks like you all are a bit hot. I can't wait to catch up on your blog. Smith Nation has been very busy doing just that. Hiking. You all look great