Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

This week I'm grateful that there were no injuries on our hike. I was a bit worried when I was trying to help The Love Magnet down a steep incline that we found out later was meant for mountain bikes. We almost slid down head first.

I started a youth choir in our ward today. There were six enthusiastic girls and three boys (two who were my own sons). A small group considering the amount of youth we have in our congregation. But it was a good start and they gamely plowed through the song. It was wild, rambunctious and, honestly, a bit frustrating considering how much practice time was lost due to joking around. But I was grateful that those kids were willing to sing. I hope we can get more to participate.

While we are at it, I am so very grateful that my boys know how to sing. And they sound great. I know, it's a pride thing. I'm allowed - I am the mom, after all.

This week I met the tutor who will be working with Thirdborn starting next week. I like her very much. Mrs. S is sweet and funny, a grandmotherly character with whom I think Thirdborn will bond instantly. She will be using a combination of homework, computers, and games using his favorite subjects such as science, dinosaurs, and weather. I am so eager for this to work for our son. I am grateful that we are putting Thirdborn through this learning center program. I pray that it helps. (Please keep us in your prayers, too.)

I made it through my English Technical writing class. Still waiting to know my grade on the final report, but I did earn 100 on my last exam. I did learn a lot from this class that will be useful when I am a speech therapist (oh, happy day when that comes!). I was surprised when I discovered that it would be one of the toughest classes I've had to date. I didn't always love the challenge but I was grateful for the experience. I definitely was given the chance to grow.

Yesterday, Mr. Wonderful and I went to the temple with two other couples from our ward. It was a chance to get to know them better. The temple was so peaceful. I needed that opportunity to shut out the outside world and to serve and to worship. Afterwards we had dinner together, lingering long after the meal was over, talking and laughing. It was a wonderfully relaxing date night. I am grateful new good friends. I'm sure we will be going out with them again.


Lily said...

It was a quick trip there and back all wedding time. One of these times when we stay longer we will give you a shout!

Soozcat said...

Girl, you SMOKED that writing class! As the Brits say, you should be chuffed at your success. (I know I am.)