Monday, July 27, 2009

Many Somebodys Love Us -

This came in a package this past week from Lily @ Lily's Life Is Great. Click on the name to get to her blog. She has a bunch of fab raffle items to raise money for Praying for Parker. Thanks for the teacup, Lily! It came from her Mom's teacup collection which makes it all the more special. Lily's Mom and I used to work together advocating for people with Down syndrome.

From my Cookie friend Chris back east. She was in an antique store and thought of
The Love Magnet when she saw these. They came as a very big surprise in the mail. The Love Magnet's response when she saw them? "Your Cookie sure does love you, Mom."
Yep, I think she does. Thanks, Auntie Cookie Chris!

From my BFF college friend, Sooz. Sooz is a Kindred Spirit. Writer of fine stories, illustrator extraordinaire (although she would beg to differ), spouter of trivia you never knew you needed to know. She is also a great supplier of............

sundry items we never knew we needed for a birthday tea party. We are so glad that Sooz is here to educate us. Notice the fabulous Swedish cookies, the cranberry-orange English tea scones, and the chocolate topped mushroom pretzel thingies. Sooz introduced me to chocolate-topped mushroom pretzel thingies on my last trip to visit her in the grand very-Northwest. I've dreamt about those ever since.

Apparently, though, Sooz held out during my last trip. She also sent me this:

Oh, rapture divine. Oh, swoon! Oh!

Oh 65% bittersweet chocolate with candied hazelnut pieces! Where have you been in the past 40 years of my existence?! I had to nibble even before I took a picture. I could not resist! (BTW, this confection pairs perfectly with song 503 from Angels and Demons on my play list. Scroll down and skip to that song. Then come back and gaze at all the chocolate goodness.....)

The Love Magnet came and saw me with this piece of Heaven in my hands. She asked if she could have some. I was a good mom and sent her back to finish her dinner first. (I was a bad Mom, because I meant to hide it and hope she would forget it. After all, what almost 7 year old could possibly fully appreciate Charles Chocolates?)

Not to worry. The Love Magnet remembered the Chocolate-topped mushroom pretzel thingies from my last trip to visit Sooz.

She has laid claim to them. I am not allowed to touch them until the birthday tea party.


CandyandLadybugs said...

Looks like she is going to have a marvelous tea party! :)

Lily said...

All those teacups, they're wonderful! I think I might have one of the purple ones.

Anna said...

They have a British Market (or two?) in SL---you should pick up tea party supplies next time you are in town.

Soozcat said...

Hee! Thanks!

I promise I wasn't holding out on you with the Charles chocolate--I came across it a few months ago. It is pretty spectacular.

As soon as we're out of this apparently never-ending heat wave in the PNW, though, you must be introduced to Fran's. Ohohohohohohhh, Fran's.

Sandy said...

Carrie, I love reading about your darling daughter and her adorable antics.

Blessings on you always, sweet girl!