Friday, April 16, 2010


My head is full of possibilities.

I started this university journey with the specific intent to specialize in language development for people with intellectual disabilities. Then I discovered voice issues for singers - also right up my alley with my singing background. Then I fell in love with seniors and helping with their issues: stroke, Parkinson's, etc. Just this week I found out there is an entire specialty for Literacy dealing with the issues Thirdborn has. So many different ways to go. A professor told me this past week to keep my mind open. She is on her fourth specialty. The beauty of this major is that I can keep going and going and going. I am utterly excited for the future.

I have instructed The Love Magnet on modesty since she was just a year old. She has repeated every single bath time that only Mommy can see her body and the doctor can see her body if Mommy is there. Nobody else can see our bodies. I really thought she had it down.
Today she pulled her pants and undies down in front of everyone at recess. When the kids started yelling and laughing, her teacher immediately called to everyone "Eyes on me!" and an aide told my daughter to pull up her pants. TLM immediately complied.
I have no idea what her thought process was on this. I am completely clueless here. Please keep us in your prayers, particularly mentioning that I need inspiration on how to parent this child.
Secondborn is on the first spring camp out of the year. It's pouring outside. Poor Secondborn.
Now that Thirdborn has his go-kart, is he satisfied with his building efforts? Not in the least. He informed Mr. Wonderful of the next project he wants to build......
(wait for it)
A catapult. Not a mini catapult. A true-to-size war machine catapult.
I have no idea what he wants to launch. I hope it is not himself.

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Soozcat said...

For what it's worth, one of my siblings who shall not be named here pulled his/her pants down in front of an entire Sunday School class, when he/she was about the same age TLM is now. No Ds, just randomly inspired to be an exhibitionist.