Thursday, July 29, 2010

8 great things about The Love Magnet

Today is The Love Magnet's birthday. Here are 8 great things about her:

1. You know exactly where you stand with her. She loves you. You can't ever question that because she reminds you every single day. She loves her family, her teachers, her friends, the bus driver, the crossing guard, the guy who checks out our groceries at the store, the girl who cuts her hair......

2. She is incredibly brave. She shakes off the stings and hurts of bumps, bruises, and cuts pretty quickly. All she needs is a hug and she'll get over it. If you forget to give her a hug, she will head you off at the pass. She knows hugs are important.

3. She will never be too old to kiss her mom and daddy goodbye or good night.

4. She is one smart cookie. She loves to read, count, and she knows more about how to get around on the Wii game then her mom does.

5. The Love Magnet loves to cook. now if we could just convince her to cook when Mom is around instead of when Mom is not there. Mom is finding all sorts of kitchen chemistry experiments in the oddest places: full pots that have been put back in the cupboard, bowls of strange goo taken upstairs, chocolate mixed with tellicherry peppercorns and yogurt in mixing bowls on the counter. To her credit she is learning that recipes are created for a reason. "I'll get the cookbook, Mom!"

6. She prays to Heavenly Father as if she is talking to him. She tells Him to have a good day. She tells Him that she loves her teachers and friends and family. She lists all of her graCheck Spellingtitudes (and that list is very long). If she remembers, she will ask for blessings. That doesn't happen often as she usually just checks in with Him and tells him about her day. The blessings that she never forgets to ask for: "Please bwess GammaPapa Africa on a mission dat dey will be safe".

7. The Love Magnet loves babies. She loves holding them and tries so hard to be gentle.

8. She loves to watch other succeed. Whether it is cheering Firstborn in swimming or Secondborn in basketball, telling Thirdborn he did a great job on his artwork, or cheering on competitors in Wii, she will be thrilled no matter who wins.


Suzie and Lily said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Soozcat said...

Happy birthday TLM! I hope it's a great day.

My name is Sarah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!

Kristin said...

happy birthday!!

Michelle said...

A very happy belated birthday to your beautiful 8 yr old!