Sunday, July 04, 2010

Nix the fireworks. Please.

The Love Magnet hates fireworks.

Every year it's the same thing. She doesn't like the lights, the noise, the smoke. She begs to be taken home. She alternates between my arms and Mr. Wonderful, not able to decide which place is safer.

I thought a week's worth of fireworks at Disneyland would get her used to it. It only made it worse. Bad enough, that I was not looking forward to July.

Tonight she worried and fretted. She put her hands over her ears. She put my hands over her ears. She tried every room in our house to see if one would shield her from the noise of fireworks. She wouldn't listen to her brothers when they told her that everything was okay and, look, they weren't scared.

Finally I took her to her room and cuddled on the bed with her. I laid her head against my arm to shield one ear while I covered her other ear with my free hand. Then I sang every lullaby, every Primary song, and added a few musicals in order to drown out the sound of the explosions. It was working fairly well........until a neighbor behind our house started lighting fireworks that would be illegal in any suburbia. The Love Magnet's room lit up as if the sun were at high noon. My daughter kept yelling "I scared Mom! I hate fireworks!" No matter how much I soothed her, she wouldn't be consoled.

Finally we went downstairs to the monster TV. I turned on The Wizard Of Oz fairly loud for our house (especially for 10:30 at night) an hoped that the scenes and the soundtrack would drown out the celebration outside. We wrestled. At least I was able to keep her on the couch. Thirdborn, bless his sweet heart, sat next to us and tried to console her.

It's now 11:38. The Love Magnet finally fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion. Bad backyard neighbor is still setting off fireworks. I have a few bruises from where my daughter elbowed me as she tried to jump up when every pop and boom was heard. She is still mumbling in her sleep when a particularly big one explodes outside the window. At least she isn't reacting to all the firecrackers anymore.

Happy Independence Day. I'll celebrate in my heart, but fireworks just don't make the holiday for me anymore.


Tara said...

Ahh, poor kid! That makes for one stinky holiday when you're terrified of the main event! Hoping she has a better day, today!

Soozcat said...

TLM was very brave. I also know of several people who can't stand fireworks. For some they evoke noises from a war that is never completely over in their minds. For some the thought of being exposed to the danger of wildfires is terrifying.

I wonder, once this holiday is over would it be worthwhile for you to go speak thoughtfully to the neighbors who were setting off the illegal fireworks, and bring TLM with you? Perhaps they need to see what consequences have come from their choices.

ParkerMama said...

Ah, Sweetie.

We had to keep Parker in from the fireworks Reed and my kids set off. The smoke and his lungs are not a good mix.

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

rEliseMe said...

Why didn't you TELL me you have a blog, too?! This is great, I really enjoy reading about TLM :)

I know how you feel. Our dogs are helplessly terrified of the fireworks and I can't do anything to console them which makes my heart frown. They, too, eventually pass out from sheer exhaustion.

Maybe she will grow out of it?