Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Gratitudes

Just listening to Macy Gray singing Beauty In the World makes me smile and dance. Gotta love music that lifts your spirits. Much gratitude and God bless Macy Gray for singing a great song.

Just read the latest post on my parents blog. Every time I do, I am grateful for good roads, clean water, schools for my children, healthy food on my table, a job to support us, good hospitals, and a safe place to live.

This past week I signed up for a GRE prep class. I'm grateful to Mr. Wonderful for telling me to do whatever I needed to prepare. I feel that this will definitely help.

Mr. Wonderful was gone for most of the week on a business trip. We missed him immensely. I am grateful that he is finally home.

Thirdborn woke up this morning will an incredible story. It involved a dream of him starting his own amusement park and building fantastical rides that no one has ever seen before: a ride that really goes to the center of the earth, a ride that orbits the earth and makes a pit stop at a space hotel for those guests who really want an out-of-this-word experience, rollercoasters built on invisible struts and so smooth that you feel like you are flying, and boats and planes designed specifically for elementary kids to use. He has spent hours telling us all about it. I am grateful for this kid's imagination.

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