Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Over the river and through the woods

Actually, we should be singing "over the snow-packed freeway past dozens of flipped vehicles.." The roads in Idaho were horrible. We took it very slow and were relieved to make it past the border into Utah where the roads were clear.
I have really missed my mountains.
We made it to the Wasatch Front just as the sun started to go down.
The sunset kept changing as the clouds kept changing.
It became dark just as we reached Layton
Smack in the middle of the Salt Lake Valley is the home of the parents of Mr. Wonderful. Grandma Wonderful loves to collect toys for the grandkids to play with when they visit.
She even found a computerized chess board because she knew Secondborn loved to play chess.
We are so grateful we made it safely and are looking forward to Thanksgiving with family tomorrow. I'm making my usual Streuseled Sweet Potato Casserole and brussel sprouts with bacon and mushrooms. Secondborn is making is famous Baconator Deviled Eggs.


Soozcat said...

So glad you got there in one piece!

Your sprouts recipe sounds delicious. Captain Midnight has become a big fan of Brussels sprouts over the years, and he especially likes it when I put garlic breadcrumbs over the top. This could be a hit.

heather said...

So glad the "blizzard" was more hype than anything here in SLC and that you made it safely. Your sweet potato casserole sounds yummy! I'm making 3 different recipes of Green Bean Casserole--2 of which also happen to have bacon. Yum!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your cute family!