Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Mr. Wonderful hung out with his little brother...

and Thirdborn played with the train sets, pinball machines, and air hockey table...

(seems more like Christmas than Thanksgiving, doesn't it?)

and the Love Magnet read aloud to anyone who would listen...

Secondborn made a batch of his famous Baconator Deviled Eggs.

Grandma Wonderful told of the lastest in the family history search. We now know that we have relatives who were abducted by pirates and made to serve as cabin boys until they escaped.

(Disney-Pixar will be calling soon for the film rights.)

I made my (famous only to me) Streuseled Sweet Potatoes.

(Actually they were very well received thankyouverymuch.)

Mr. Wonderful played with his little niece. She loved him, of course.

She smiled for everyone. Little Charmer.

Soon it was time to finish the platters and sit down for our meal.

We were requested by Grandma to each say for what we were thankful.

I'm thankful for this guy. Secondborn's sense of humor cracks me up every single time. I am so proud of his cooking. He is always so kind to others.

I'm grateful for this one, too. Firstborn has really shown his leadership skills as swim team captain this year. He is also learning to be more patient and it shows.

Thirdborn is my hero. He has really worked hard this year to do better in reading and math. He will be a great scientist someday.

I am grateful for the Love Magnet, too. Unfortunately, her pic did not load up and I can't figure out why.
Did I ever tell you how much I love my in-loves? Even when they threaten me for taking their pictures. They don't like cameras. Hah! Got Grandpa Wonderful anyway!

And the record-for-future genereations "What did you used to eat for Thanksgiving?"
Later in the evening, we went to another brother-in-loves house for dessert. Grandma played with my sweet niece.
While I snapped Wendywoo snapping. This is the chickie who is AMAZING at decorating. See her decorating blog here. She has promised to come do my house (that is if they ever come to Idaho again). In the meantime, you could hire her to do your house.
My nephew and the boys escaped downstairs to play video games. Mr. Wonderful traipsed off with his brother to try to find a frozen pipe. That left my in-loves, my niece, and I to eat pie.
Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am going to the movies and then off to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU. I hope you have a fun day planned, too.


Alesia O'Keefe said...

I must be the most wonderfully blessed human on the planet to know such wonderfully blessed others like are soooo fab, Carrie!!!

Soozcat said...

Have fun at the movies--let us know what you saw and what you thought of it.

And Carl Bloch! I am jealous.

Emma said...

Glad you had fun! Next time you come to Utah we hope we can get together it's been a long time! :) hope to see you at Christmas! :)!

Emma said...

Glad you had fun! Next time you come to Utah we hope we can get together it's been a long time! :) hope to see you at Christmas! :)!

Kristen's mom said...

Love that the love magnet was reading to everyone. I had to laugh at grandma's "book of remembrance" It is the same as from my day. (the one with the long sheets) Everytime I pull it out my kids say, How old are you?