Saturday, November 06, 2010

Trials, frustrations, and tender mercies

This past week was a short school week for the kids. Parent Teacher Conferences.

I dread them.

It's hard to go in with a good attitude, even though I know that all the adults present are there in the best interest of my children. But it seems that every session is more negative and rarely positive.

This year it was a lot about The Love Magnet's potty accidents that started this school year and seem to be getting worse. There were also behavior issues. Then there was the 'less-able-than-we thought'. I managed to make it through the entire session without crying (a record for me) but still had to mentally steel myself and try to inhale the tears back through my tear ducts.

In Thirdborn's session, it was to see his test scores and the grade equivalent of his reading level. I do not hold much to the grade equivalent. At one point I realized that my body posture was showing my attitude and quickly uncrossed my arms and sat up straighter.

Trials and frustrations.

Thankfully, Mrs. A, the resource teacher, took me into her room and showed me Thirdborn's successes and that told me that she didn't think his grade equivalent was accurate, either.

Tender mercies.

Firstborn's and Secondborn's teachers all had interesting things to say. Some positives, some negatives, and some surprises.


I spent yesterday working on an assessment project that I desperately need to score well to improve my grade. The teacher said not to stress to much about it. But it is hard writing a diagnostic when I've never done it before, especially when I have to make up some of the testing data.


Today I stuffed my freezer full of chicken from a fabulous sale. It feels good to know that we have food and food storage. It's my sense of accomplishment this week, where my family is concerned.

Tender mercies.

Today, The Love Magnet helped me plant 60 bulbs in our front yard. We pulled weeds and roots. We found worms. I had accidentally cut one in half. The Love Magnet just thought it was a mama worm with her baby worm and declared "Oh, that is so sweeeet!" We watched them squirm back into the dirt. We counted bulbs. My daughter made sure that each one she placed in the ground had the pointed side up. As we were digging in the dirt, I had a prompting: "Savor this moment". It was the first time I had slowed down all week and did something not involving a textbook. The air was warm and the sun shined on our backs - the last gorgeous day of fall.

Tender mercies.


Mommy of 8 said...

Oh good, it's nice to know that someone else dreads the whole parent teacher conf. thing. I was so down and emotional about it(Pregnancy) that I begged my husband to go and I am glad he did, because we had some not so good news about some of our kids that would have made me feel overwhelmingly emotional.
I say him deciding to go over me going was a tender mercy for me. :) Have a good week!

heather said...

I also dread PT Conferences for Morgan. I know what to expect but it always cuts me to the core. I guess I am denial about some things and it's better for me that way. :) TLM is doing so amazingly well! Don't let a few potty accidents get you down. Thats such a small thing in the big scheme of life. Celebrate all of her amazing accomplishments. There are so very many!

Leah said...

Ugh!!! Was this a Parent teacher conference or an IEP? To me, I want PTC's to tell me the good stuff (mostly) and save the big hard stuff for the IEP. I mean, you KNOW your kid is having potty accidents, because you're getting the soiled clothes home, so why go over that at the conference? How about some positives from the staff since the IEP is usually has to cover what they can't do yet? I don't think they're playing fair with the parents. I'm sorry you didn't get to have a good conference experience. That said, have you ruled out UTI's for TLM? Angela had CHRONIC uti's for several years, and we always knew because the potty accidents, particularly night time bedwetting, dramatically increased. HUGS TO YOU my friend!

Lincoln Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

Perfection is not required. So I agree, celebrate the good everything else will come out in the wash.

Wendy said...

Hang in there! I love you and think you are doing an amazing job! (But I totally understand! Lilly threw two shoes at nice Costco workers this week...luckily they ducked. She also ripped half of the keys off my laptop. She ripped apart 3 favorite books...the list could go on! Yuck!)

Soozcat said...

Sincerely sorry to hear of your frustrations and rejoicing over the tender mercies. I agree with those who have said that IEPs are the proper time and place to discuss the hard stuff. *sigh* Sometimes people don't stop to think.

Kimberly said...

That's one thing (of the many) I love about you, Sister.
You can always see the sun, even on a cloudy day. Give yourself a big pat on the back from me, you're doing great!