Thursday, February 10, 2011

14 Days of Valentines: Dinner for your Sweetheart

(Blackberry Almond Torte)

Okay, I am breaking down meals and recipes ideas.

FOOLPROOF: If you are intimidated in the kitchen, or if you want easy, this is the meal for you. Alton Brown's Pan-Seared Rib Eye Steak. It. Works. Every. Time. Pair this with a loaded baked potato and whatever your lover will eat for a veg. If you have a Costco card, get the Lobster Bisque in the refrigerated section for your first course and then head to their freezer section for their cream puffs (drizzle them with chocolate and top with fresh berries) or the bite size Cheesecake factory cheesecakes. Easy, easy, easy.

(Halibut Oscar)

SEAFOOD WITH AN ATTITUDE: This is Mr. Wonderful's favorite. Halibut Oscar using the rescipe from Utah's Gastronomy restaurants. Add previously mentioned lobster bisque or a green salad topped with shrimp. Dessert is Creme Brulee or the Raspberry Almond Torte (I prefer fresh blackberries). Yes, it requires a little confidence in the cooking department. But this is not rocket science. You can do this. I will - because Mr. Wonderful actually requested it this year! I know! Will wonders never cease? (Okay, I know that pic isn't plated well. Just trust me, this recipe is delicious.)

(Creme Brulee with Blackberries)

CHICKEN UGLY: Actually, it is called Chicken Aglio e Olio and it isn't ugly. It's easy, restaurant quality, and it is divine. Serve it over rice with sauteed green beans on the side. We call it Chicken Ugly because that is what The Love Magnet calls it. She can't pronounce the other. The name stuck.

(Chicken Aglio e Olio)

VEGETARIAN DOES NOT MEAN BORING: Ignore the pork chops in this recipe and make the Pumpkin Polenta. Top with Wolfgang Puck's version of Roasted Root Vegetables. Yes it makes a lot of veg, just half it or love the leftovers. Serve chocolate fondue for dessert. Feed each other. The colors of the veg are gorgeous in this. I would add some sauteed mushrooms.
There you go. A menu you didn't have to think about. Let me know how you like them.


Anna said...

Oh cousin, I wish you lived closer. Or that my baby was a better traveler. Would love to see you.

And man can you cook!

Soozcat said...


All this sounds delicious! Going to have to try some of these.

Tonight we had Pantry Magic (which involves looking in the pantry, going "hmmmmmmm" and then putting something together from what's available).

Tiffany said...

I'm doing the 14 days of Valentines for Ben this year (for the first time). Thanks for the good idea. We're both having fun with it!