Thursday, February 03, 2011

Tea party coming soon.....and HUGE thanks!

I apologize for blogging this so late. This is a huge thanks to Cookie Jilly. She had a tea set from Thailand and knew that somebody was looking for a teapot and a few more items to expand the tea set collection.
Look how gorgeous these are. The Love Magnet was excited as she watched me open the package. She thought is was from a princess.
Isn't this absolutely gorgeous? I've never seen anything like it.

It's being displayed in my double display case near the kitchen. And I am anxiously awaiting an excuse to give a tea party. Which means I need guests. Any volunteers?

Jilly, thanks so much. You are so incredibly generous.
Will the rest of you please pray for Jilly's family? She has loved ones who live in Egypt. With all of the fighting going on in Egypt right now, we are praying for their safety.


Kristin said...


Soozcat said...

It's even more gorgeous in person.

All our best to Jilly and others who have loved ones in Egypt right now.

heather said...

I love tea sets and that one is beautiful and so unique! Your cookie really loves you and TLM!!!