Thursday, February 03, 2011

Birthday Celebration of Firstborn

I tried to document Firstborn's 18th Birthday dinner. Unfortunately my broken camera has decided to be really broken or at least contrary to my wishes. Blurry pics. Bleh.
But the memories are there. Secondborn wasn't too thrilled to be relegated to the family table while the other teens sat by themselves.
J, S, A. Oh my heavens, I love these kids. They have been awesome friends.
C, Firstborn, and V. Love these kids. Love, I tell you!
We took everyone out to Brazilian Barbecue. Churrascaria. The best thing (besides the food) is that they make the birthday boy stand up on the bench....
and dance for the entire room. Firstborn was a good sport. 'A' got a great vid of the entire experience and promised to send it to me.
I am thrilled that Firstborn has good friends who keep each other in line.
After consuming mass quantities of meat, and even more mass quantities of pasta salad, beans and rice, and mashed potatoes, The Love Magnet lay back and declared
"Oh, I DONE!"
Firstborn asked if she had a big belly to prove it. She complied. It took some explaining that she shouldn't lift her shirt too high.
It was the boys first time at a Churrascaria. Thirdborn was done, too. Everyone stuffed themselves silly. It was the ultimate carnivore birthday party.


Soozcat said...

I remember you and me going out for Chinese food, and a little voice from the back seat piping up with "Zuzu?" every now and again.

He has grown up to be quite the guy.

Angela said...

Can't believe he is 18. We meant to call but forgot. We stink :( I'm going to need a copy of that video.