Thursday, August 20, 2009

My most favorite place on this planet

Where it is beautiful when it rains. And beautiful when it doesn't.
Where I can watch the 'quakies' quake and just be.

Where the only noise comes from the wind and the bees.

Where a kid can be a kid.

Where the cousins bond over fun and games. No television. No cell phone service.

Where grandma has a one-year supply of important things - like bubbles.

Where there are acres and acres to pretend.

Where grandpa sings.

Where.....hmmm...well, I have no idea why Cousin E was doing this. I think Secondborn snuck off with my camera to have some fun.

We just got back from a mini-vacay to Utah where we spent time at my parent's cabin. We also had a great time at the UDSF Lagoon day. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera into the park. We got to see (and hug!) our friends Morgan and Mrs Seal Bark and also
Lily from Lily's Life Is Great. Check out their blog for fun pictures at Lagoon.

I start school next week. HOpefully I will be back to the regularly scheduled blog by then.


Aimster said...

Oh Carrie! what great pictures and wonderful memories in the making!

Good luck with school this semester, although i know you will knock them dead again!

Love your cookie sista


Your blog made me smile. Awsome times for sure!