Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

I am thankful that our Heavenly Father answers prayers. I've needed a lot of answers in the past two weeks.

I'm thankful that Heavenly Father uses ordinary people to be His angels on earth. He knew this time that my emotions were loud and that I needed straight talk to help me find the answers I needed. This time His angels were my parents. Their wise counsel was reinforcement to what I already knew. I just needed to hear it from cooler heads than mine.

I'm grateful for the family stories I learned this past week with my parents and in-loves visiting. While talking about my tea party recipes, my mom talked about hunting the ditches near her home for asparagus and watercress. She loved to pile sandwiches thick with watercress and then smash the bread and watercress down before eating. Just a small snippet of childhood memory, but I found it precious.

We also talked about her daddy being drafted in WWII and having to leave his wife and three children to head to boot camp. WWII ended while he was in boot camp. I can't imagine the sacrifices made by those who served and serve now in the military. We explored a WWI museum while my parents were here. I am so grateful for those soldiers whose stories I read. I'm grateful for all those willing to fight for freedom and their families who support them while they serve.

I'm grateful for the help my mom gave me for The Love Magnet's birthday party. Mom brought everything needed for decorating proper tea party hats. She also brought fingernail polish and manicure jewels to help the girls feel glamorous. I wouldn't have survived finals week and putting together a birthday party if it weren't for my mom.

Thirdborn has officially started his tutoring program and has been doing well. I am grateful for this new teacher in his life. I know she is good since Thirdborn talks about her and how much he likes going to tutoring sessions.

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