Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear blog lurkers in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Belgium -

I'm really curious about you. Would you mind introducing yourselves? :)

Thanks so much!

(as for the rest of you in the United States. I think you are either my family, T-21 buddies, or my Cookies. Why don't you introduce yourselves, too. )

Much love to you all,


PS - heading to the mountains tomorrow. Will post pics of fall color and Mr. Wonderful. A whole weekend with no textbooks! This is my reward after a crazy week of midterms. I'll tell you about those tomorrow, too. I'll probably vent about The Love Magnet. She has been acting odd.


Kristin said...

You get lurkers from other countries? Wow. I'm just stalking you from Utah. We just adopted a little guy with Down syndrome this spring :)
Hi - I'm Kristin!

Anonymous said...

Carrie...Sweetie! It is your cookie friend Laura!!!! I try reading your blog everyday! I love it and I love keeping up with you, Mr. Wonderful and those fabulous loveable kiddos of ya'lls!!! I love your family, you have such a sweet life. I hope the international lurkers come forth! I have some on my website too! I so wonder about them and would love to get to know them. Have fun this weekend and I'll be dying to catch up and see the pictures. Hugs to you dear friend!

Amber said...

I wish I was from one of those cool places...or had at least been to them! But I'm only checking in from Utah. Lucky for us, Utah is a beautiful place! Enjoy your weekend escape. You have earned it!


Emma said...

HI i'm Emma Your niece! BTW A.Carrie I learned to do the worm sorry we could not came visit you saturday.

Leah said...

Good question! I might ask the same on my blog, cuz my traffic meter has just about every country checked on it! Fascinating! LOL Anyway, I'm Leah, and my 13 yr old daughter Angela has DS. I have the "Garden of Eagan" blog. Oh, and I live in MN, where October disappeared and was replaced by "winter" last week! GAH!

Tandy said...

Another Utah friend from the T-Ville 20th alumni. I don't check in much these days but I enjoy reading your blog.

Enjoy your break! I'm taking one this weekend too. Our fall break was a couple weeks ago but we had a big test the Monday after it so I didn't really get a break. I have no test this Monday so I am enjoying some time to do what I want.


Have a great time !!! It's snowing at my location :( Hope you have great wheather and can enjoy the fall :) Relax and Enjoy!!!