Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

We drove to Utah yesterday afternoon to see my family. This morning we attended the homecoming of one of my nephews. Ate lunch. Drove home. Not a good way to promote family harmony between my children. But a good way to spend time thinking up gratitudes:

I'm grateful for teachers who contact us on their own time to let Mr. Wonderful and I know about their concerns (late homework) before it becomes a big problem (as in final grades).

I'm grateful for teachers who contact us on their own time just to let us know how much they love our child in their class and what a sweet, incredibly sensitive, polite child he is. (I love phone calls of that nature.)

I'm grateful for my close extended family. On both sides. I think I am the only person who loves her parent-in-laws and brothers and sister-in-laws. I even get along with my sibling-in-laws parents. I love it when my sister's mom-in-law hugs me or Mr. Wonderful's brother's mom-in-law (did that makes sense to you?) comes over to talk and remembers what is going on in my family and celebrates the exciting times with us.

Despite the not-so-fun travel time, I am grateful that I was able to spend an evening with my parents and see some of my sibs and their families. All we did was talk. Face-to-face is so much better than on the phone.

I'm grateful that I've got one midterm down and only four more to go.

I'm grateful for LDS General Conference. My two favorite talks this year were by Elder Jeffery R. Holland and President Thomas S. Monson. Click here, select English translation and then selected Sunday PM session. You'll see them both. Also the song just before Elder Holland is Mo-Tab singing O Divine Redeemer. It is absolutely exquisite.


Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

We are so sorry we missed you guys! Next time!

Angela said...

I was so glad we got a chance to see you this time since we missed you the last. And John and I will just have to buckle down and plan a weekend up there.