Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

First of all I am grateful that I survived midterm week. I earned A's on all midterms except one. That was was an absolute bear for all of the class. I have not received a grade yet. I am not looking forward to it..
This past week Mr. Wonderful and I had a meeting with Firstborn, one of his teachers and his counselor. The meeting went very well. I think Firstborn thought so, too. He needs to learn organizational skills (what teen doesn't?) and everything will be okay. I'm grateful for teachers who truly care about their students.
Secondborn started basketball practice. This was his first time having to try out for a team and he did great. He has been looking forward to this league for months. Even better, one of the coaches is in our ward and the other is the father of one of Secondborn's best friends. I'm grateful that Secondborn will be involved in basketball. It will be fun to attend his games. The Love Magnet loves cheering at ball games.

Last Friday, Mr. Wonderful took me into the mountains. He needed to check on a job site. I was hoping to get some good pictures to enlarge for our dining room. I found some unusual moss. Not great formal dining art, but unusual. I took a pic just to document it:

It started to get foggy in the higher elevations. I tried to show the steam coming off the river. (I still need to learn how to use this camera.

I did get a picture of a ghost cow worthy of Pioneer Woman. At least I think it's worthy of Pioneer Woman status. She sets the bar high. Okay, I just thought it was pretty funny to find this white cow in the fog, staring at me from the top of the hill.

Lazy circle contrails in the sky. Still not worthy of formal dining room art.

Sheep! Cute for a picture. Until they all decided to turn tail just as I snapped. All I got was a shot of a bunch of sheep bums. Definitely not worthy of the dining room.

After that, we got lost while looking for cabin property. The satellite maps did not match the roads we were on. We were in such a hurry to find out way out and get home in time that there was no time to stop and find a few good shots.
Maybe the ghost cow would look good in a framed and matted 16 x 20 in the dining room.
At least I am grateful for nearly 8 hours of uninterrupted time with Mr. Wonderful. That is a complete luxury since I started school.


Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

I think the ghost cow is a winner of a photo! Very cool! And cool that you got so much time with Mr.W.!

Tongue-N-Cheeky said...

I'm grateful you got uninterrupted time with Mr. Wonderful, too. Happy Day!

I'm ALSO grateful for your JOYFUL comment left on my Mitford post. You dearest. It warmed me to you immediately. I think I will add all your likes and dislikes to my own list, if'n you're willing to share.

Hugs & Happiness!