Friday, May 14, 2010

Heart Check-up

Two years and 13 days after the heart surgery
we had a visit with The Love Magnet's cardiologist.
We love going to see Dr. Heart. The room is bright and cheerful with pictures of Dr Heart's family and patients.
The Love Magnet loves playing with the toys.

The hospital gown was in her favorite color.
The EKG was a piece of cake. The Love Magnet takes the direction "Now hold very still"
very seriously.

Then there was the ultra sound and the blood pressure check.

Finally we met with Dr. Heart. She pronounced The Love Magnet to have a very good heart. So good, that we don't have to have another appointment until The Love Magnet turns 10.

Did I mention that we absolutely love Dr. Heart?

We'll have to come back to visit just for fun. We would miss her if we had to wait for a couple of years just to see Dr. Heart.

The Love Magnet is officially cleared for Special Olympics. Stay tuned for further adventures.


Wendy said...


The Country Mouse said...

Hooray for Dr. Heart! Hooray for the Love Magnet! Hooray for the mama!

Lincoln Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

I love Dr. Heart too. She needs a nickname. Dr. Good News!

Soozcat said...

Yay! Excited to hear good news. Congrats to TLM for doing such a great job.

Ty's Adventures said...

Hooray for good heart news! Do you get to go out to eat at a restaurant after your visit with Dr. Heart like me? That's the best part!
I got my super cool "#1 Scar" right before my 6th birthday. I have to be extra careful sometimes so I don't hurt my heart machine in my tummy.
You look so brave!